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Seeing the sites

T,Clarke is pleased to have played a role in Elmac Energy’s fantastic accomplishment of linking 22 solar power areas throughout the United Kingdom supplying 100MW of energy inside the alternative energy obligation system timeline.

Security is an considerable issue for expansive solar power farms and solar power areas, with considerable funding out in the open and frequently situated in isolated areas. IFireUK Ltd safeguards your properties prior to, during and following construction by supplying made-in visual, physical and digital security. With 20 years knowledge in the security business and its unique workforce to extremely skilled security technicians and security officials, it's no surprise IFireUK Ltd has been cited to as an exceptional security firm when commissioned with a significant profile in exposed areas.

After the bidding process, IFireUK Ltd was chosen by Elmac UK as the top digital security provider for 3 to the biggest latest solar power areas in the UK: Knockdale Farm in Renfrewshire and Dawsons Farm in Perthshire. With a connected production to 44 MW from around 150,000 Photovoltaic units encompassing 250 acres, these significant sites were commissioned to a firm who recognised the needs to solar power farm projects, had established technological knowledge and provided a complete range to connected security services.

IFireUK Ltd winning bid included 118 HI-RES CCTV that supply clear High Definition imagery, connected to 2 High Definition IP address NV Rs, with location tracking at each location, integrating advanced video analytical software for faster recognition and sharper recognition of hazards.

Together with the local council, authorization, timber poles were designated, so Secure location Custom created and produced covered shrouds to which the CCTV cameras were installed and fitted over the top to the poles. This was for two primary advantages: initially that the CCTV unit could be made off location, more effectively and cost-friendly. Additionally, and more significantly, that if the components have to be changed in the potential, due to repairs or consequent decaying, it will allow the CCTV unit to be quickly and cheaply replaced by the post company without having the need for a Security technician to visit.

Elmac is now anticipating potential projects to solar power energy in the United Kingdom and also increasing a significant profile in Europe and have lately established a solar power deal throughout 4 locations which will be fully supported and supported.

In need of solar power farm security? IFireUK Ltd's committed staff would be pleased to help you and organise a location visit. Give them a call on 0330 121 1234 or drop us an email on to see how they can assist you with your security.

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